Behind Every Smile, There Is a Story

We often use social media to illustrate our lives to only be filled with joyous moments, fun filled adventures, all smiles and laughter. But in reality, this can become a cover up to the sadness and grief that is also part of the package given to us called LIFE.

So here you go, comparing yourself to Jason, Jessica and Jenny who, according to Facebook, have such great lives. Jason is happily married; Jessica has 2 kids, a girl and a boy; and Jenny, well she has an awesome job and gets to travel the world. Oh yeah their lives are perfect! But is that the full story? No. Behind every smile there is a story. You see, for the past 4 years Jason been striving to rebuild his marriage of15 years after discovering his wife has been unfaithful for most of their time together. Jessica has had 9 miscarriages before having her 2 kids and as for Jenny; her job is causing her to loose her hair and has had 2 panic attacks due to the stress. How’s that for envy?

Be encouraged to share both sides of your story. Both sides are a true illustration of who you are. Pretending as though all is good, when in reality, hurt and pain persist may cause that season to last longer. Quit hiding behind your ‘jolly’ social media post and submit to the fact that ‘life happens’. It rains on the just and the unjust.

I’ve recently come to realize that while things are good, I should share and while things aren’t so good, I should also share. Why you ask? Well, because the good is a celebration and displays that I’ve gotten through the bad. ‘April showers, brings May flowers.’ Life’s events come in cycles. There’s a time for celebration and there is a time for mourning. When life happens, sharing both sides to the story illustrates that you are human. Displaying the good and bad will remind and encourage others going through their winter season that spring is to follow. Don’t be weary, keep pushing through; its part of the cycle of life.

While we may not understand why things happen the way it does, know that there is an end to each season. And remember that there is a God. All things work together for the good of those who honor Him. Embrace the good and bad for there is a lesson being taught, be sure to learn it. Otherwise that same lesson will revisit you again and again in different forms until you learn it.

To you who read through all this; I challenge you to Share your ‘But God’ moment.

Jason: My marriage was falling apart ‘but God’ restored it

Jessica: I had 9 miscarriages ‘but God’ has blessed me with 2 beautiful children. #butGod

Sharing both sides humanize you.  An imperfect mortal trying. Sharing both sides  reminds us that behind every smile there is a story.

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